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The media blackout about the Yemeni War

Most of the traditional media are seriously underrating or hiding what's going on in Yemen, another country hit by a bloodthirsty war

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of The News USA on Flickr
Creative Commons Image Courtesy of The News USA on Flickr

In this period various wars are fought in different Middle East nations such as Iraq, Syria, Israel and Lebanon. Most of the traditional media are seriously underrating or hiding what’s going on in Yemen, another country hit by a bloodthirsty war. In fact, the Yemeni territory is currently torn by a civil conflict between different factions and groups of power. According to Sophia Dingli “more than 2,800 people are dead; it may come as a surprise to learn the damage inflicted upon Yemen and Yemenis since March 2015, when the Houthi rebels’ march toward Aden was met with a massive Saudi-led offensive, has already claimed more casualties than the last Israeli offensive in Gaza and has destroyed parts of a UNESCO world heritage site”1. Furthermore, the details of this war haven’t had visibility on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that the Yemeni tragedy isn’t as lethal or relevant as other wars.

The current silence about Yemen is difficult to be justified and the reasons of lack of interest for this issue are various. One of the most violent factions involved in these military actions are supported and backed by Saudi Arabia. This Saudi group has killed many innocent civilians and “has bombed roads, houses, and electricity and water supply lines; it has flattened a whole city – the Houthi stronghold of Saada”2. Moreover, it seems that, the US Government was secretly involved in this war, and this situation remembers what’s happening in another part of the world, the Horn of Africa. In fact both conflicts in Yemen and Horn of Africa have been defined “shadow” or “hidden” wars, because they haven’t been discussed by mainstream newspapers and televisions. An independent journalist called A.M. Freyed declared about this issue “US in Yet Another Illegal War … in Yemen … how many wars are too many? Unnoticed largely in the press of larger events and obviously downplayed by the controlled Western media, the US and its allies are pursuing yet another aggressive, illegal war – this one in Yemen”3.

Because the official sources about the Yemeni war are few or non existent, it’s very difficult to explain the reasons and the dynamics behind this conflict. The strong censorship about Yemen was heavily criticized by the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei. In fact, he said “The world’s media that are dominated by the US, Britain, and the Zionists sometimes launch a propaganda campaign over an animal’s life while they keep outrageously quiet towards these crimes… such as the bombardment of Yemen”4. Some details about this war have been disclosed by the controversial website WikiLeaks. In fact, some WikiLeaks documents showed astonishing details about the occult interest of Saudi officials in bombarding Yemen and hiding the details of their actions in order to maintain a positive image of their nation abroad5.





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