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Have you heard of a fidget spinner which flies?


It’s 2018 and you can discover all kind of strange stuff lying around, and why not! We are just in time for that. Shouldn’t something be said about the very popular fidget spinners? Certainly. A spinner that can challenge gravity? Indeed, a flying fidget spinner.

At first look, it looks and works like other spinners available, but it has three worked in engines that make it fly. We know what you’re considering: Isn’t the general purpose of a spinner to spin it yourself? Without a doubt, but if you’re still sort of confused, these aren’t generally a thing yet, so this is the spinner for you.

The Flying Fidget Spinner is esteemed at $130, which is in no way, shape or form cheap. But temporarily, you can catch one for $24.99. Time to amaze your friends and co-workers.