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This beetle farts in the toad’s tummy to escape certain death

Well, nature is beautiful, indeed.

We just don’t say it like that. There are various things that we see in our day to day lives that are very surprising and convinces us that nature has its own way of dealing with things, and so do all the creatures that constitute it.

In the video below, you will see how a beetle in order to escape certain death, farts in the tummy of a toad. In this way, the beetle makes certain that it is not going to be another snack of the toad. Check out the exciting video below:

Ah well, isn’t that exciting? Oh well – quite exciting – almost becoming the toad’s snack, but later escaping the death trap. The beetle released some toxic chemicals in the belly of the toad, who could not take it anymore and had to release the beetle from its grasp.

Well, that’s a wonderful defence mechanism of the beetle, but too bad for the poor toad! Do you know of any animals who of a similar defence mechanism, if yes, then do let us know about them in our comments section.