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Uber and Careem Plan To Enroll Female Cabbies In Saudi Arabia


Auto booking services, Uber and Careem, are set to enlist female drivers in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom lifted a prohibition on women driving in September of 2017. According to the noteworthy declaration, by June 2018, women will be qualified to drive in the country.

Taking the signal from the move, the globally ride-hailing applications have chosen to contract female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Careem chose to enlist female cabbies not long after the declaration was made as they launched an hour and a half instructional meeting in the urban areas of Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar to get more female drivers.

As indicated by gives an account of CNN, out of the whole rider base in the conservative Kingdom, almost 80 percent of Uber’s clients are female and 70% of Careem’s are female.

The organization is focusing on women drivers who have learned driving and have a permit while they were abroad. Female managerial staff has begun giving the imminent female cabbies lessons on the Saudi street laws and how the application stage and client service work.

“From the first moment, we announced our willingness to welcome the ladies to work on our platform,” Chief Privacy Officer and Co-founder of Careem told CNN.

Careem however, declared that the female drivers can just give service to female riders or families. Indeed, even the alternative of call-veiling is supposedly part of the services that permit the contact numbers to be obstructed to secure user privacy.

The most recent move by Uber and Careem could enable the legislature to lessen the joblessness rates which is assessed to be around 12.8 %, CNN revealed.

Careem has additionally affirmed that there would be no less than 10,000 female drivers that they are wanting by June 2018.