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1,400 Cars Destroyed in Liverpool Echo Arena Car Park Fire

via bbc.co.uk

A tremendous fire has crushed up to 1,400 vehicles in a multi-story car parking in Liverpool, forcing many people to spend New Year’s Eve in a brief safe house.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said the burst at King’s Dock – by the Liverpool Echo Arena – was one of the most awful events it had ever managed.

An inadvertent fire in one car which spread to different vehicles seemed to have been the reason, police said.

Apartments that were around were emptied because of smoke.

People who had stopped in the multi-story said they were “frightened” by the clamor as the windows of the cars on fire exploded. They said emergency services warned them their cats would be lost to the fire.

Merseyside Police detailed 21 fire motors were at the scene amid the night handling the burst and the fire service said it was guarding against the danger of the building crumbling.

All vehicles left in the 1,600-limit auto stop have been pulverized, police said.

They warned people to remain inside and close their windows if they saw smoke from the fire.

The Liverpool International Horse Show has been running at the field, which has an aggregate limit of 11,000, since 28 December.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson tweeted that everybody was sheltered and no creatures had been harmed.