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Now You Can Get a Contract-free Version of the Latest iPhone X

This could come as an uplifting news for people who detest carrier contracts and have a thousand bucks to spend on a phone: Apple now offers a new sim-free version of the latest iPhone X.

This model is the same as other iPhone X variations but it’s unlocked, which means you’re allowed to use it on whichever network you lean toward. It underpins both GSM and CDMA systems, which is critical for people who travel.

The way toward buying the phone is the same of course: Go to Apple’s site, click “Buy” on the iPhone X site, and under “Carrier” pick “Buy without a carrier.”

The shipping time is presently 5 days in the U.S. for all varieties of the iPhone X.

It’s additionally an option to get the phone at an Apple Store promptly, contingent upon the city.