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Addicted to Your Smartphone? “The Substitute Phone” Might Help

Image: Leonhard Hilzensauer

Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger made The Substitute Phone as an approach to help smartphone addicts adapt to not having a smartphone.

Schillinger reveals to Dezeen that to an ever increasing extent, phones are turning into an addicting object in our lives. People continually play with them, regardless of whether they’re not searching for a message or expecting a call, and he was enlivened to outline “a tool that would help stop this ‘checking’ behaviour.”

Image: Leonhard Hilzensauer

Schillinger planned five copy phones, made of dark polyoxymethylene plastic with stone dabs implanted in the surface, which enables a person to imitate well-known activities, for example, looking over, squeezing, or swiping. The objective is that it could be utilized as a method for dealing with stress for somebody looking forward to checking their phone less. A bit like the fidget spinner, we wonder.

The Substitute Phones don’t seem to be available to be purchased (his site says that his shop is “coming soon”), but they were highlighted as a feature of a show for the Vienna Design Week called #Offline – Design for the (Good Old) Real World, which occurred prior this fall.