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Jockey Punches His Horse Before Race, Gets Suspended

Dylan Caboche struck his horse.

A jockey in South Australia has been suspended for punching his horse before a race.

Video of the episode demonstrates Dylan Caboche, 22, mounted on the horse, She’s Reneldasgirl, and attempting to control it to the beginning entryways.

He at that point descent and hits the horse in the ribs.

Experts handed the disciple jockey a two-week suspension for unfortunate behaviour over the occurrence in Port Lincoln on Wednesday.

Pure breed Racing South Australia said it doesn’t approve and won’t endure such conduct.

“It is hoped this penalty – which will remain on the rider’s record and will impact his earning ability – will send a strong signal to others,” it said in an announcement.

However, animal welfare bunches have criticized the length of the punishment.

“Two weeks suspension. We’re meant to believe this is an industry that takes animal welfare seriously,” Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses composed on Facebook.

Worries about animal rights were additionally raised for this present week following Australia’s chief horse race, the Melbourne Cup. One horse had to be put down in the wake of falling in a different race at the occasion.

In September, jockey Davy Russell was given a four-day suspension after he had punched a horse on the back of the head before a race at Tramore in Ireland.