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Stag Gores Hunter to Death After Being Chased

AFP/Getty Images

A hunter does after he was charged by a deer which cut him with his antlers.

Regis Levasseur had cornered the creature in France’s Compiegne backwoods, around 50 miles north-east of Paris.

Police said 62-year-old had been going about as a blender, who help to flush out and corner prey, amid the chase. He was unarmed.

“Normally the animal would flee, but this time he decided to charge,” Guy Harlé, president of the local hunters’ federation told The Local. “It came after him.

“The antlers of the stag are like many knives piercing you, there is nothing you can do. This tragic accident reminds us that we do not play with a wild animal. There is an inherent risk with hunting.”

Mr Levasseur had supposedly been expected to get married in the following couple of months.

“For him, hunting was more than a hobby; it was his life,” said Mr Harlé.

The killing came days after French hunters with dogs started hullabaloo by shooting a depleted stag dead at short proximity in the wake of cornering it in the garden of a house on the edge of Compiegne woods.

The hunters apparently fed the creature’s remains to their hounds in the wake of shooting it in the town of Lacroix-Saint-Ouen.

Film of the cornered stag, recorded by activists, incited France’s environment minister Nicolas Hulot to condemn chasing with dogs as a practice which has been going on from another century.