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PayPal to fund ‘yes’ campaign for marriage equality in Australia

PayPal temporarily changed its logo colour to show support for marriage equality in Australia.Source:Supplied

Another web giant has advocated Australia’s marriage equality campaign, with driving on the web fund firm PayPal today (Wed) vowing to coordinate to $50,000 in donations to the “yes” campaign.

PayPal’s vow will take after a large number of strong messages from enormous innovation names, including Google, Uber, Twitter, HP, and from Apple, which issued an announcement in help of changing Australian marriage laws the day preceding its iPhone X launch a month ago.

The new budgetary responsibility will likewise come after PayPal canned a noteworthy operations focus in a challenge against bathroom laws oppressing transgender people in the United States.

PayPal Australia small and medium business chief Brian McDonnell said innovation firms had a “social responsibility” to back the marriage equality development in Australia, and also a famous stage with which to bring issues to light.

“If you look at tech companies like Microsoft and, locally, Atlassian, they are actively advocating in the same way as PayPal that the result of this survey should be a ‘yes’ and marriage equality should exist for Australians,” Mr McDonnell said.

“Every person in Australia, and broadly around the world, has technology in their pocket every single day and that is a driving force in itself. That really creates a platform to get broad distribution about a critical issue.

“This is not about marriage. It’s actually about equality before the law.”

Mr McDonnell said PayPal would “match any donation up to $250” made on the Equality Campaign website (australiansforequality.nationbuilder.com/matchdonate) up to a sum of $50,000.