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Will Sir David Attenborough be on the new £20 note?

The veteran broadcaster came out well ahead of Prince Charles and JK Rowling PA

Sir David Attenborough has dominated the competition on a rundown of “ethical champions” Britons might want to see highlighted on the following £20 note, a survey has uncovered.

Forty percent of 2,128 people surveyed in the poll led by YouGov in the interest of Good Money Week said Sir David was their first decision, picking the veteran supporter over Richard Branson, Stella McCartney and Jamie Oliver.

Prince Charles was a far off second decision, procuring only 7 percent, JK Rowling won the endorsement of 4 percent of those polled.

Human rights lobbyist Anita Roddick, who kicked the bucket in 2007, and ecclesiastical overseer of Canterbury Justin Welby likewise got decent specifies, winning 3 percent of the vote individually. Almost 33% of voters said they couldn’t make up their brains on who to pick.

The poll, directed a month ago, requested that members name the person they might most want to see included on the new monetary order from a rundown 15 “ethical champions” that would “remind the public to be ethical in how they spend their money”.

The outcomes have been released to concur with Good Money Week, which keeps running between 8-14 October and advances making “ethical cash choices” in their day by day spending.

Another version of the £20 note is to come into course in 2020.