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Ivory trade to be banned in the UK to protect Elephants

(GETTY IMAGES) Prince William condemned illegal wildlife trading during a trip to China in 2015

The deal and fare of all ivory things would be restricted in the UK under plans set out by the administration.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has declared a conference to end the trade in ivory of any age – past endeavours at a boycott would have avoided antique ivory delivered before 1947.

The legislature says there will be a few exclusions, for melodic instruments and things of social significance.

Protection groups have given a watched welcome to the arrangement.

While the UK has had a prohibition on the trade in raw ivory tusks, it has turned into the world’s driving exporter of lawful ivory carvings and collectables lately.

As per an Environmental Investigation Agency report, there were more than 36,000 things sent out from the UK in the vicinity of 2010 and 2015, more than three times that of the next most significant exporter, the US.

Protectionists contend that these deals animate the demand for the item, and are connected to expanded elephant poaching crosswise over Africa.

Prince William has campaigned against ivory trade and in 2016 asked the UK to pass a total ban on domestic sales.

At a wildlife conference in Vietnam, he said: “Ivory is not something to be desired, and when removed from an elephant it is not beautiful.

“So, the question is: why are we still trading it? We need governments to send a clear signal that trading in ivory is abhorrent.”