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Iconic TV show host Monty Hall who hosted ‘Let’s Make a Deal; dies at 96 years

Iconic game-show host Monty Hall died Saturday at age 96.

His agent, Mark Measures, confirmed to USA TODAY that Hall, who co-created and presided over Let’s Make a Deal from 1963 to 1986, died of heart failure.

Hall, who was born Monte Halparin in Winnipeg in 1921 and graduated from the University of Manitoba, worked as an entertainer and sportscaster in Toronto before heading south to New York in 1955 to host the NBC radio show Monitor. His next gig, the CBS-TV game show Video Village, led him west to Los Angeles, where he would create Deal with Stefan Hatos.

Together, they turned bartering and kitsch into a TV franchise that has seen four hosts and three networks. Deal, which aired on NBC until 1976, also ran on ABC and in syndication before returning to network TV 2009 on CBS with host Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?).