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Tornado Injures at Least 25 People in Tulsa

Tom Gilbert, Tulsa World via AP

A tornado tore through midtown Tulsa early Sunday, harming no less than 25 people and making extreme harm to numerous organizations.

The tempest thumped down electrical cables, signs and trees, AccuWeather said. No passings were accounted for from the tempest that struck soon after 1 a.m. Sunday.

A National Weather Service review group evaluated the tornado as an EF-2, which has winds of 113-157 mph.

It was the first August tornado in Tulsa since 1958, Weather Chanel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman said.

All the injured have since been dealt with and released, as indicated by Newson6.com.

Tulsa representative Kim Meloy said the planning of the tempest helped because hundreds, if not thousands, of people were in the territory just hours prior.
“It’s a highly commercial area with a lot of people normally in there. There’s a mall, there’s a movie theater, a TGI Fridays,” Meloy told the Associated Press.

More than 12,000 customers had lost power Sunday morning, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma said. That number was down to about 4,000 by mid-afternoon Sunday.

Elsewhere, drenching rain led to widespread flooding in New Orleans on Saturday, when up to 10 inches of rain overwhelmed storm drains, NOLA.com said.