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British Model Kidnapped and Drugged to be Sold in an Online Auction

A British model was sedated and captured in Milan to be sold in an online auction, say Italian police.

The lady, 20, had touched base in the city to participate in a photograph shoot through her specialist, but was kidnapped and held hostage for six days.

Lukasz Herba, 30, who lives in the UK, has been captured on abducting charges, police said.

The Foreign Office said it was giving consular help to a British woman.

The model, who has not been named, landed in Milan on 10 July.

She landed at a flat the next day for the shoot, where she was assaulted by two men, said police.

Police said the lady was sedated, handcuffed and stacked into a sack and put into the boot of auto which was headed to a detached house in Borgial, northwest of Turin.

Italian prosecutor Paolo Storari stated: “The victim was doped with ketamine – then she was locked in a bag and carried for hours in a car.

“Think what could would have happened if she suffered from asthma.”

The lady was kept handcuffed to a wooden chest in the room for six days until the point when she was released and taken to the British office in Milan, as per police.

Examiners said they found the criminal had sorted out a few online auctions for the offer of young ladies, which incorporated a depiction and an opening cost.

Police said it was hazy whether he had truly kidnapped the casualties or invented them for the sale.

The abused used a scrambled record to approach the model’s operator for £230,000 ($300,000) to prevent her from being sold in sell off.

He asserted he was dealing with benefit of the “Dark Death Group”, an association which works in the dark web for unlawful traffics, police said.

The casualty told police the criminal said he would free her because they had not understood she had a small child and they didn’t manage moms, prosecutors included.

Examinations concerning the case are being done by experts in Italy, Poland and the UK.

The accused was caught by police as he was accompanying the model to the British Consulate in Milan, as per the Daily Telegraph.