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Texas calf looks very much like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons

via BBC

The web has gone udderly wild for a Texas calf’s uncanny likeness to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons.

The baby cow, named Genie, was born on Friday at a farm in Kerrville, Texas, and even likes to stand out its tongue like the rocker.

Slope Country Visitor, a tourism organization that advances the locale of Texas Hill, shared the picture on Facebook, kidding that Simmons could be the father.

Simmons himself was enchanted, tweeting: “This is real, folks!!!”

The cow-like doppelgänger’s markings rapidly attracted correlations with Simmons, who is renowned for his long tongue and highly contrasting face paint.

Genie was born on a farm kept by the group of Heather Taccetta, who works at a nearby steak house.

“Obviously, we can’t serve this fine specimen,” Hill Country Visitor wrote.

“Where were you on or about November 25, 2016?” Hill Country Visitor said, labelling the artist of such hits as Rock and Roll All Night and Detroit Rock City.

The tourism organization likewise declared that Kiss music was playing on the farm upon the arrival of Genie’s origination.

A month ago, Simmons dropped his legitimate offer to trademark the “devil horns” hand motion, which he guaranteed to have developed in November 1974.

The motion, which had likewise been asserted by different rockers, signifies “I love you” in American communication via gestures.