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Trump’s Recent Tweet Confirms CIA Involvement in Syria

Trump's Recent Tweet Confirms CIA Involvement in Syria

How many times did you end up posting a status or tweet that you later regretted? Apparently President Donald Trump is not like us. One of his tweets on Monday appeared to have confirmed a secret CIA mission in Syria that he recently ordered to end.

President Trump attacked The Washington Post telling it had fabricated information, to demean his decision to end a campaign aimed at boosting Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime.

From his tweet it has been confirmed that the CIA was equipping, training rebel fighters in Syria. The article in The Washington Post Alleged that Russia was unhappy with the CIA program to support anti-regime forces. Moscow is directly backing the Assad regime, and has been a major supporter of the embattled President since the very beginning of the civil war. This tweet came at a time when Trump’s own relationship with Russia is being investigated.

Though American officials never confirmed the country’s involvement in Syria, it is not surprising that Post reported on it. This is same to other ongoing CIA programs running in different parts of the world. They are popularly known as “non-secret secrets”.

It is however not the first time that Trump targeted The Washington Post in his tweets. What new is, he mentioned an article that also brings Russia in the picture.