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Names Like “Mark” or “Sam” are on the Verge of Extinction in Egypt

Names Like “Mark” or “Sam” are on the Verge of Extinction in Egypt

In Egypt’s next generation it may be more than difficult to find someone who goes by the name Sam or Mark. Last Tuesday a Parliamentary Committee in Egypt held a session to discuss the possibility of banning Western names in that country.

The violation of the law will see the offender pay a fine of $270 or face a 6-month long jail term. The bill was first proposed by Bedier Abdel Aziz, a member of the Egyptian parliament. According to him, such naming may result in a radical transformation in the Muslim majority country.

The MP and many others apparently believe that using Western names instead of the traditional Arabic ones will have an adverse influence on the society in the long-run.

Some even claimed that names like Lara, Mark, and Sam are quite difficult for the Egyptians to pronounce. However, liberal Egyptians on social media immediately opposed such a ban.

Users have made sure that even names like Ahmed and Mohammed are foreign. And currently only the Coptic Christians use pure Egyptian names. So, what about that?

They also raised the question whether parliamentarians has nothing better to do than meddling with the way people name their children.

“People can’t feed their families and (they) have time to discuss the ban of Western names? Seriously?” one user added.

Back in 2014, the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, one of Egypt’s major allies in the region, banned a list containing 50 names. The Saudis termed names like Elaine, Linda, and Alice non-compatible with their religion and culture.