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12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered

New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered

Just when we thought the number of Dead Sea scroll caves have been clocked at 11, a new discovery will now push us to review our stand and alter most documents and information we must have written on the Dead Sea scroll caves. The latest Dead Sea scrolls cave was discovered in the rocky cliffs of Wadi Qumran, close to the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. The archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Virginia’s Liberty University unearthed something that’s unbelievable.

The archaeologists stated that they have discovered a cave which had signs that it once held Dead Sea scrolls, and if this will be considered, it’s coming some 60 years after the 11th cave was discovered. An archaeologist, Oren Gutfeld had this to say: “this is one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries, and the most important in the last 60 years in the caves of Qumran.”

This, no doubt, is a very interesting discovery but it also revealed that someone else had gotten there long ago and had looted the caves. It was reported that scroll holding jars were broken and the contents were taken away.

While excavating the cave, they also noticed iron pickax heads that date way back to the 1950s, and according to the archeologists, these were stored in the tunnel leading into the cave, which may indicate that Bedouins had uncovered the site in the mid-20th century and obviously removed the scrolls.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered

The archaeologists saw fragments of pottery, blank parchment, and cloth that had been used to wrap the scrolls. They also discovered flint blades, arrowheads and decorative stamp that’s used in dating the scrolls in the cave.

The documents found in many Dead Sea scroll caves reveal a lot about two of the world’s major religions, and it sheds light on what life might have been like back then and what these religions believe and teach. The Dead Sea scrolls are now numbering over 800 documents and these were made from materials such as papyrus, animal skin and sometimes even from forged copper.

Dead Sea scrolls have deepened our understanding of the bible and have shed more light on religions like Christianity and Judaism. A lot can be said of these scrolls, and without them, we may even be lost and have beliefs that are unfounded.