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Trump Puts Vaccine Skeptic In Charge Of Commission for Vaccine Safety

Trump Puts Vaccine Skeptic In Charge Of Commission for Vaccine Safety

If there is one thing that never stops amazing people, it’s the way Donald Trump appoints those who will be working with him as members of his cabinet after he takes office. Donald Trump has made some pretty interesting nominations, which gets many so perplexed at what he sees or what he looks for when deciding to pick a person.

The latest addition to the team Trump is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a known vaccine skeptic; the president-elect has invited him to chair a commission that’s tasked with investigating vaccine safety.

According to Kennedy, “president-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it. His opinions don’t matter, but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science. Donald Trump wants to ensure that vaccines are as safe as they possibly can be.”

I am sure you must have wondered if this man is related to the former president of the US, John F. Kennedy, and yes, he is. He happens to be the son of the nephew of John F. Kennedy. For as long as I can remember, Kennedy has been a staunch critic of vaccines and he has even expressed concerns that certain preservatives in vaccines could cause development disorders and some other negative side effects.

He had stated in 2015 that drug companies may “put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it” he had even linked vaccines to autisms, even calling the effects of vaccines a “holocaust.”

Trump Puts Vaccine Skeptic In Charge Of Commission for Vaccine Safety

Scientists have been of the view that there is no link between vaccines and developmental disorders, clearly stating that there are various safeguards to ensure that vaccines are not dangerous.

Well, this nomination goes a long way and it tells us something that Mr. Trump may never have said publicly, and that’s the fact that he is also a skeptic of vaccines, and the only way to keep a tight rein over that industry would be to choose someone like-minded, someone, who can actually conduct a detailed scrutiny.