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This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation

This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation

A lot is going on with the millennials, and this is obviously something that has been left untouched for so long, and that’s the fact that this generation is pretty defective.

The advent of technology, defective parenting, and the unhindered access to social media has made things pretty hard for the millennials. Parents of millennials have raised them with the mindset that they can get anything they want whenever they want, that they don’t have to work hard to succeed, that they don’t have to study hard to pass a course, and these have been wired into their system; five years after, they graduate from college, take up an entry level position, and they get tired of their jobs in few months.

The generation called the ‘millennials’ is also impatient. Well, that’s one quality every successful person in life has, since things may not always come when you expect them to. I watched as my 17-year-old raise his voice at his older siblings for not getting the results of something when he expected; he has stated many times that he can’t wait for someone, rather, he prefers when others do the waiting. Well, he looks very young, but no real adult is made with such stuff, and you can imagine how much damage is done when a person is not patient.

This generation really needs to understand that things that really matter take time, things such as love, joy, job fulfillment, a skill set, self-confidence—all these take time. Sometimes you can expedite pieces of these, but the overall journey is something that lasts for many years, and it’s pretty arduous.

The millennials also have to know that they need help to go through the arduous journey of life, and this help can only be gotten from the older generation, not social media. Just like climbing a mountain, asking for help is vital because they could easily fall off if that assistance isn’t coming from a worthwhile source.

We need to help these young innocent ones to realize that life is very interesting, and when they realize and pursue the more important things, they tend to derive joy, a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. If we can do this, we will have young ones who actually feel it takes a lot of effort to succeed, we will see a real reduction in suicides, we will see much more reduction in cases of depression, and we will have more kids with a purpose in life, not those who don’t know where they are heading even after they turn 22.