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Washington Post to Add Five More Dozens of Journalists

Washington Post to Add Five More Dozens of Journalists

2016 is a pretty cool year for the Washington Post, and it has now taken a very interesting decision in bids to start 2017 on a high note. It’s now getting more journalists on its team. With this, the Washington Post will be having enough hands to feed its ever growing audience.

According to Fred Ryan, the Washington Post’s publisher and CEO, “we are adding dozens of journalists” and in a recent memo, he even stated that the post was “profitable and growing.” Ryan added, “We looked at what succeeded for us in 2016 and made investments there. We’re still rolling this out internally.” Ryan hasn’t really specified the number of hires and how these will be apportioned.

This is a very interesting move as we rarely see newsrooms adding new staffs; in fact, newsroom reduction has now become an order of the day. From rumors, we expect that about 60 new persons will be joining the team, and that will raise the number of employees on the Washington Post to over 750. The Journal is the newsroom with the highest number of employees at 1500 followed by Times which has 1,307 and after the addition of new team members, Washington Post will comfortably sit in the third position.

Washington Post to Add Five More Dozens of Journalists

Ryan stated that the post will be investing in mobile video, and according to him, the team believes that a 15-second pre-roll advert will be making a lot of differences, he also noted that “although mobile ads are still under development, advertisers are really investing in them, and that makes it a good plan.”

The team could also add a “rapid response” investigative team of about 6 persons, and the team is expected to be working alongside the existing investigative team at the Post. We can denote that the Washington Post is just interested in increasing the pace at which news is dispensed.”

We also expect that the Post will work on its breaking news team which has driven lots of traffic both on-site and on other platforms. Of all departments, I feel that the breaking news section will be eating a chunk of all new intakes.

So, what do you have to say about this move by the Post? Why not share your thoughts in the comments.