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Israel Ambassador Summoned Over UN Vote

Israel Ambassador Summoned Over UN Vote

The Israeli Prime Minister has summoned his ambassador to the US as his attacks continue over US’s failure to block a critical resolution made by the United Nations. Netanyahu has gone on to criticize the Obama led government for allowing the UN Security Council to pass a vote, condemning Israeli settlements in occupied territories.

As a matter of fact, I feel the US had what it takes to block the UN Security Council resolution, but I guess they chose to stand aside, allowing the vote to pass. We can’t really fathom the reasons behind the United State’s decision to allow this as the US has always stood in the way of such resolutions in the past.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had vowed never to allow the US give money to the United Nations until the UN reversed its Friday decision to condemn Israeli settlements. Cruz even stated that he told Israel’s Prime Minister that the UN won’t receive any money from the US if it doesn’t reverse its decisions.

Israel Ambassador Summoned Over UN Vote

The United Nations voted 14-0 on Friday to stop all Israeli settlements in areas of the west and east Jerusalem. From information reaching us, president Obama had ordered the US to abstain from voting on the measure; so basically, the US was neutral, and that’s why Israel’s Prime Minister may be very angry, and that has now broken the US policy of shielding Israel whenever it’s under attack from the United Nations.

Israel has also summoned its ambassadors in Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom, and this came after Netanyahu asserted that Obama worked covertly to get the censure approved. He also added that the country was aware that negotiations would get harder should it be brought before the United Nations. He noted that his “friends in the US have also agreed that the United Nations resolution was reckless and destructive.”

Well, we sure know that there would be repercussions, and this may be the beginning, as Israel will fight really hard to reverse the decision of the UN. On its relationship with the US, let’s just hope they work amicably to sort this out, and that may be possible since he said he has friends here who feel the UN’s decision was uncalled for.