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Obama Just Made It Harder For Trump to Create Muslim Registry

Obama Just Made It Harder For Trump to Create Muslim Registry

This will come as another strike at the president-elect’s plans, and Barrack Obama may be using the last few weeks of his tenure to do all he can to protect his legacy and the interest of the American people.

After placing a ban on all drilling operations on the country’s arctic and Atlantic oceans, the president has now ordered that the dormant program which was being used to track people from Muslim-majority countries should be dismantled. The Department Of Homeland Security has swung into action immediately, and this will make it pretty difficult for Donald Trump to create a registry system for Muslims should he take office come next month.

The program has been dormant since 2011, but it’s likely that there are lots of information on Muslims in the US in it, and if its handed over to the new government, there is the potential that it could be used to cause more harm than good.

One-half of the register was used as a domestic “call-in” program that required that men ages 16 and above living in the US report regularly to immigration officials while the other half was an entry and exit tracking system which showed the number of times these people move in and out of the country. The exit and entry tracking system also has a record of airports, seaports and land borders these immigrants could use.

Obama Just Made It Harder For Trump to Create Muslim Registrydo it, and the out-going government is now dismantling the one we have on ground, everyone hopes that the president-elect is discouraged from pursuing it and leave Muslims alone.

The reasons for ditching the registry some years back was because it was inefficient, redundant and it provided no added security, and on many occasions, the country just spent money on getting personnel to man the registry without it having any impact on the economy. We all know Trump may not be considering that as he may be looking to witch-hunt Muslims in the country.

Let’s just hope the president-elect sees reason in this, and not have to waste over $10 million every year in a bid to make life harder for Muslims living here in the United States.