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Senate Democrats Plan To Roll Out Bill to Force Trump to Shed Conflict of Interest

Senate Democrats Plan To Roll Out Bill to Force Trump to Shed Conflict of Interest

In a bid to force Donald Trump to shed any conflict of interest that might be caused by his financial assets, Democrats in the senate are now planning to introduce a legislation that will require that the president-elect drops anything that ties him to his business and face the presidency.

We vividly remember that Donald Trump said he will be handing his business over to his children, and just as many thought back then, the move isn’t enough to make anyone believe that he is actually leaving the business completely. A blind trust has been a way of handing businesses over to someone you know little or nothing about.

It’s planned that the bill would consider any violation by Trump relating to the conflict of interest “a high crime or misdemeanor under the impeachment clause of the U.S constitution.” Well, this is a pretty hot bill, and if it’s passed into law, Trump may end up losing his place in the White House should he choose to double-deal.

According to Elizabeth Warren, “the American people deserve to know that the president of the United States is working to do what’s best for the country and not using his office to do what’s best for himself and his business.

The bill will also include a requirement that Melania Trump, Mike Pence, Karen Pence and Barron Trump shed any financial assets they have that could pose a conflict of interest. Like the president-elect, these are also expected to put all financial assets into a blind trust.

Senate Democrats Plan To Roll Out Bill to Force Trump to Shed Conflicts of Interest

The bill will also block all appointees from participating in any financial dealings that are related to the first and second family.

The bill is expected to be introduced when lawmakers return to Washington next month, but it will be facing an uphill battle in a GOP-controlled Congress, a leadership that stressed that it will be working with Trump.

We expected that Donald Trump would announce plans to untangle himself from his vast businesses earlier this week, but he stated that he decided to take time out to meet Kanye West. Americans hope that he does the needful before January 20th as that would show that there wouldn’t be anything that has to do with corruption tagged to him.