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Trump’s Ditches CIA’s Election Hacking Report

Trump’s Ditches CIA’s Election Hacking Report

Just yesterday, we shared a report on the involvement of Russia in the US election with the intelligence organization assuming that Russia was influential in Donald Trump’s winning of the election. Well, Donald Trump may have gotten a very interesting response to that.

In series of tweets, Donald Trump has mocked the claims of the CIA that Russian hackers meddled in the election. According to him, “can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card? It would be called a conspiracy theory!” he went on to question why the allegations were not made public before the election. Well, from the article we shared yesterday, there are some reasons the government may have held on to that information, so you should read it when you can.

With the claims made by the CIA, we can foresee that the relationship between the intelligence organization and the President-elect wouldn’t be as cool as it should be, and with the comments made by Donald Trump, those assumptions are gradually becoming facts. Donald Trump also made a comment that might sound like he was questioning the competence of the intelligence organization as he asserted that “unless you catch hackers in the act, it is very hard to determine who was doing the hacking.”

Obama Knew Russia Influenced the Elections but Kept Mute

The FBI was the first to raise the hacking related issues, linking these hacks to Russia, but the CIA went further to claim that the sole purpose of the hack was to drive the election results in favor of Donald Trump by claiming that they had “high confidence” that the attacks were actually carried out by Russian hackers for Donald Trump.

This comes shortly after John Bolton, the man Donald Trump has picked to be the number 2 diplomat asserted that these reports were fabricated by the Obama administration. According to him, the hacking reports “could be a false flag operation.” He stated that the hacking may not even be the work of Russian hackers but the handiwork of the Obama administration.

Well, this is a very interesting report, why not stay tuned as we bring you updates, and we will hopefully get to see if this was really done by Russian hackers or if the Obama administration had undertaken this move to advance its own political interests.