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Tech Leaders to Meet With Trump Next Week

They may not be in good terms, but they really need themselves, and they just need to work together for the country to move smoothly. America makes billions from Silicon Valley, and that’s not inclusive of other tech companies in other parts of the country.

The tech leaders who had bet a lot on Hillary Clinton, and who are looking to bridge the barrier between the tech industry and the Trump administration may have gotten all they need to climb the wall.

Donald Trump recently invited the industry leaders to a roundtable which is expected to hold on December 14 in New York. The invites were sent by Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner and the team adviser, Peter Thiel.

Ever since Trump started tweaking Apple and Amazon on his Twitter account, the tech industry has tried as much as possible to snub the president-elect, even refusing to honor the business council he set up. It was reported that the only person in tech who attended the council meeting was IBM’s Ginni Rometty and that may have sent a clear message to the president-elect.

It is of interest, though, to conclude that the tech industry will not want to remain in the surprised or denial state for long, the industry just needs to wake up to the reality that Donald Trump will be the country’s president. They also need to take the time to look through the many policies that Trump has in mind and see which offers great benefits.

Tech Leaders to Meet With Trump Next Week

Trump has proven to be pretty tough in his stance on immigration, tech, and many other areas, but with the recent happenings, it’s likely that he will not really be going at the tech industry carelessly. He is coming to see that he has to promote a tech-friendly agenda to make his relationship with the tech industry a very smooth one.

Peter Thiel is a tech leader, and he is advising the Trump transition team, he was a delegate for Trump during the election and he also spoke at the Republican National Convention. I am sure that he will play a key role in representing the interests of the industry considering his investments in many of the leading companies here.