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Donald Trump’s Secretary Of Defense Has Ties to Theranos

Donald Trump’s Secretary Of Defense Is on Theranos’ Board

Just as we would expect, Donald Trump is picking his cabinet, and this a point where we just can’t help but vet through the lists of people he will be working with. Since that will be giving us an idea of what to expect when Trump finally occupies the White House.

The latest member of his cabinet will be Retired General James Mattis who is expected to be the Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration, and this is raising concerns as James Mattis is on the board of Theranos, the blood testing firm that’s facing a criminal investigation and a host of other lawsuits over its technology claims.

According to emails gotten by the Washington Post, Mattis, who is now on the board of Theranos had been unfaithful when he was leading the US Central Command. It was noted that he had given support to the company in controversial cases.

Donald Trump’s Secretary Of Defense Has Ties to Theranos

Back in 2012, the company was accused of conducting a field test in Afghanistan, a test which was not approved by the FDA. It was revealed that he personally called Elizabeth Holmes, stating that he was kicking the plan into overdrive. Even after being confronted, he told those who questioned his actions (Lt. Col. David shoemaker and others) that there is a need to conduct a comparison study in Afghanistan “ASAP.”

Even though he didn’t break the rules, Col Ken Kester said back in 2012 that there was an “intentional effort” to “short-cut” procedures and get the rapid drug testing out on the battlefield.

Well, we just hope that Mattis wouldn’t be using his new position to defend the firm, and there should be an extension of the sanction that was placed on him against any attempt to represent the company in front of the military after he retired.

Well, seeing that Theranos is now under the heat of an intense legal scrutiny, we will expect that Mattis wouldn’t be using the new position to protect the company as that will be raising conflict-of-interest accusations, something even the President-elect couldn’t stand.