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Peter Thiel Becomes ‘Hot Cake’ in Silicon Valley

Peter Thiel Becomes Silicon Valley Hot Cake

It’s expected, especially when Silicon Valley made known that it isn’t in support of Donald Trump during the campaigns. Peter Thiel is now Donald Trump’s adviser, which means he could have a leg in the Whitehouse as a right-hand man of Donald Trump. From all indications, Peter Thiel may be put in charge of advising Donald Trump on tech issues.

Peter Thiel served as a delegate for Donald Trump and he spoke at the Republican national convention, after which he donated a whopping $1.25 million to support Donald Trump’s campaign. These actions earned him many calls to be dropped from the boards of Facebook and Y Combinator were he is serving as a part-time adviser.

Well, Silicon Valley is obviously fighting real hard to make Peter Thiel its eye in the Whitehouse as he has been advising Donald Trump for the past two weeks. He is expected to fight for the benefits of Silicon Valley as regulatory and policy matters are being discussed in Washington. He will be with other conservatives, like Joe Lonsdale and Jared Kushner, each having deep connections both in politics and in the tech industry.

Peter Thiel Becomes Silicon Valley Hot Cake

However, Peter Thiel has discarded rumors that he may be taking a position in the Trump administration by stating that he will remain in the tech industry, as according to him, “that’s what I am good at, that’s what I enjoy doing.”

Peter Thiel is one man that knows how to go against the popular opinion and still have his way. He was the first outside investor when many may not have trusted in the Facebook idea;  he has promoted crazy ideas like living on the sea to escape the clutches of government’s regulations, and even advising that aspiring entrepreneurs should be paid to drop out of college. Well, all this has always earned him a seat against the popular opinion, both in and outside Silicon Valley.

Facebook will be one of the top beneficiaries of Thiel’s Whitehouse connections as it stood by its board member when the general public was of the opinion that he be dropped. One thing we are sure of is that Silicon Valley may not come under intense attack considering that it won’t be in the best interest of Donald Trump and Peter Thiel.