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Trump Spokeswoman Advises Americans to Focus on Trump’s Sacrifice

Trump’s Spokeswoman Advises Americans to Focus on Trump’s Sacrifice

It’s Donald Trump’s first week of being president-elect, and he has actually started adjusting to life in the new office, though it won’t be a very easy transition. Just as we would expect of the businessman that he is, he has managed to use his new office to push his business deals forward.

Just as an interview on Fox & Friends was coming to an end, Brian Kilmeade, the host, asked if Kellyanne Conway, a Senior Adviser to Donald Trump, agreed that Trump needs to work out a boundary between work and presidency as his web of businesses will likely create a conflict of interests of unprecedented magnitude, Conway replied by stating that people should focus less on Donald Trump’s conflict of interest and more on the sacrifice he is making by becoming president.

Conway also cleared the air by stating that there will be experts who would always be behind the scenes to run the businesses and his children will also be of help as they will obviously be the stewards in the absence of their father.

Well, considering that Donald Trump has mentored his children, taken them as his colleagues and even have them as chief executives may be all that’s needed to prove that they are capable of running their father’s businesses.

Trump Campaign Has Paid His Business $8.2 Million

The fact remains, though, that Trump will obviously not be losing full grip of any of the two, his presidency and his business. Trump has done nothing to separate himself from his business as he was said to have registered 8 companies in Saudi Arabia during the campaigns.

Past presidents even had to place their assets in an index fund or blind trust throughout the time they are in office. Trump has referred to his arrangement of having his children run his business as a “blind trust”, but his children are not neutral, which means their control of marketable assets will still be under the influence of their father.

Trump has the same web of people (those he trusts) put in key places in his business, and these are the same people that will shape his administration, but instead of doing everything he can to hide this conflict of interests, Trump is openly flaunting it; we just have to wait and see how this affects him in office, either positively, negatively, or even if it would.