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The Bear That Walked Like a Human May Have Been Killed By a Human

The Bear That Walked Like a Human May Have Been Killed By a Human

If there is one animal that can be tagged as being “resilient” the new jersey bear that goes by the name Pedals will easily qualify as one as it has managed to overcome a disability in the past and over the years, it has had many people get even more endeared to it.

Pedals is known worldwide to be ‘the bear that walked upright like a person.’ Pedals is thought to have been killed by a hunter with a bow and arrow last week in its home in suburban New Jersey. The state had a week-long legal hunting season last week, so it’s logical that a hunter may have accidentally shot at the bear.

It was reported that a hunter brought the carcass of a bear, and from the look of things the bear in question is Pedals, but something quite strange is that the state’s official press office released a report stating that biologists wouldn’t be able to conclude that the bear is Pedals as there is no tracking collar, and neither is there any history of the bear’s DNA records.

The Bear That Walked Like a Human May Have Been Killed By a Human

Pedals had an injury that had prevented him from walking on all fours, and walking on twos was enough to win the American black bear the admiration of both locals and foreigners. Wildlife officials who have been keeping stern watch on the bear stated that it was still healthy and doing quite well when it was last spotted this summer.

Black bears are considered non-aggressive and fearful of people, but that could change if the bears feel they are under attack or if their young is threatened. We do not know the complete details surrounding the killing of Pedals; we just hope that the government pays attention to the bear hunting expedition, as it may not be in the best interest of these animals.

Pedals wouldn’t be the only victim of human activity this year, as we remember the killing of Harambe, a zoo gorilla that grabbed a child after the kid fell into its enclosure.