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Adam Lambert’s ‘Welcome to the Show’ Video Inspires Strength and Pride

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert recently released his first self-produced video, and he has been using the medium to invite his fans to learn to celebrate and own their individuality. Adam Lambert, who shot into limelight after featuring on American Idol 8 premiered his video yesterday along with a cool essay for Flaunt Magazine.

The song is a collaborative work with Swedish vocalist, Laleh, and it was released as a separate track following Lambert’s newly-released, The Original High.

Lambert stated that the song is actually an anthem about facing who you are and owning it. He also revealed that he wanted the song to serve as a mantra that will inspire strength and pride. The video is co-directed with the help of his friend, Lee Cherry. Lambert had said that the video is independent of his label, Warner Bros.

Speaking on the video, Lambert said, “I have a strong feeling of empowerment in creating this video without the help of the label, it was time to shoot this one on my own. This video isn’t just about selling a song or racking up viral news, this video is intended to be a creative expression.”

Lambert also revealed that he was inspired by the diversity of his audience; they are different in their way, but are all human beings, and that’s what they have in common—a common bond. He says that he always throws himself to the wolves, always daring to be different from others, but still ‘wanting to be accepted’.

The clip was shot in a close-up as Lambert trades verses with Laleh. It got to a point that he appeared vulnerable, and he was even without a shirt. He explained that the tight shots are his way of personally connecting with the people who have supported him for the past seven years.

Lambert is now in Australia serving as a judge on The X Factor.