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Oscar Wilde awards honours Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol
Image Source: audio-music.info

The Northern Ireland band, Snow Patrol, was picked by members of the US-Ireland Alliance to get the honor, which praises joins in the middle of America and Ireland in film and TV.

Frontman Gary Lightbody gave a discourse on the occasion on Thursday for the benefit of the gathering, telling the crowd he was talking “because these guys are far more handsome than I am, so I really need this.”

He included: “The US-Ireland Alliance does sound very serious – sounds like we’re going to war… perhaps against ISIS, but hopefully against Donald Trump,” he joked, before adding: “You didn’t realise this was going to be a political rally.”

Snow Patrol performed at the occasion.

Likewise feted at the yearly occasion was Star Wars on-screen character Daisy Ridley, after she shot scenes for The Force Awakens on the island of Skellig Michael, off the shore of Co Kerry, a year ago.

Occasion originator Trina Fargo said the on-screen character, who is English but has Irish roots, uncovering her affection for the nation while advancing the sci-fi blockbuster was additionally a variable in her accepting the prize.

“Daisy was totally up for it, and she talked about her Irish roots when she did the London press tour for the movie,” Fargo let us know magazine Variety.

The awards were given out by Star Wars Chief J.J. Abrams, whose film organization Bad Robot Productions likewise facilitated the function.

Different beneficiaries of the awards included Room chief and Oscar chose one Lenny Abrahamson, and anchor person James Corden, who was named a “honorary Irishman”.https://twitter.com/