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War and Peace enters UK’s best-seller list, for the first time

War and peace
Image Source: express.co.uk

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace (1869) has entered the UK’s main 50 best-selling books surprisingly, taking after the BBC’s acclaimed TV adaptation.

By Bookseller, the BBC release of the novel was the 50th most well-known book a week ago, offering 3,581 duplicates. Offers of the BBC version of the book now add up to more than 13,000 since it was released in December. What’s more, five different versions of War and Peace made a solid appearing, with consolidated offers of 2,438 copies a week ago.

“War and Peace has been a decision in life – for many people. When I picked up the book, I did not know if I will ever be finishing it; but I did, and it changed my perspective on so many different things. Leo Tolstoy, at many points, is at his personal best in War and Peace” said a person who has read the book – twice.

“I came across this book after hearing about it on YouTube, from the TV adaption. I haven’t read much of classic literature; I know War and Peace is a challenge, but I am more than willing to read it, or, at least, stack it up on my bookshelf,” said a person at a bookstore.

This news comes not long after an overview by statistical surveying firm YouGov uncovered that just 4% of the British open have perused War and Peace, albeit 14% wish they had. By study charged by BBC Store, War and Peace is among the main five works of fiction individuals are well on the way to lie about having perused.