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New revelations about Assad’s use of chemical weapons

Some Syrian doctors released the proofs about the use of chemical weapons by Assad’s dictatorship

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Dimashqi Lens on Flickr
Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Dimashqi Lens on Flickr

By Bruno Martino

Some Syrian doctors released the proofs about the use of chemical weapons by Assad’s dictatorship. These doctors communicated the results of their studies to the US government. They discovered that Assad frequently used lethal substances during violent attacks against local civilians. Their studies showed that “all the attacks were conducted by launching barrel bombs from helicopters and many targeted civilian areas, leaving 10 dead and at least 530 people seeking medical treatment”[1]. Most of these chemical weapons were made by chlorine, a substance banned by a UN Security Council resolution. Most of these chemical attacks happened in the June 7th.


The American Secretary of State John Kerry also released strong declarations against Assad and his use of chemical weapons. Mr Kerry confessed “We are certain that the preponderance of those attacks have been carried out by the regime, and we’re putting together a portfolio of that data that supports that even as we speak now”[2]. The President of United States Barack Obama also criticised the Syrian regime and the ruthless dictator Assad. The first attacks against civilians started in 2013 before the arrival of ISIS in the Syrian territories. In that year Syria was facing a civil war between the opponents of Assad and the government forces. Another American politician, the Republican Rick Perry criticised Obama, because he didn’t accept to introduce a military intervention in Syria. In fact, Mr Perry said “There is a great price to be paid when America does not lead, and innocent Syrian civilians are paying that price today”[3].


The Syrian civil war continues to kill people and to increase the number of Syrian refugees. For example the latest military actions in the city of Aleppo killed 30 civilians. At the same time Assad justified these violent actions as necessary emergency measures against terrorism. Actually 220,000 people were killed in this war. Most of the victims are innocents, women and children and are hoping for a peaceful solution. At last Assad denied the use of barrel bombs against Syrian citizens. In another Syrian city called Dara 16 people were killed by government airstrikes. Consequently many human rights activists are protesting against Assad and “have regularly criticized Syria’s government for indiscriminate fire on civilian areas”[4].

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