Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Tom Morgan Photography on Flickr
Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Tom Morgan Photography on Flickr

By Bruno Martino

The strong rivalry between Jorge Lorenzo and his teammate Valentino Rossi continued in the last race in MotoGP. At the Grand Prix of Cataluña Lorenzo achieved his fourth victory in a row. It seems that this is a magic and lucky season for the Spanish driver. Moreover the official Yamaha team surpassed the Honda team in terms of competitiveness and quickness. The defending champion Marc Marquez continued to have problems and to be author of unexpected mistakes. The last race saw another extraordinary achievement in the qualifying session by the Team Suzuki. In fact its two drivers obtained the first and second position on the grid.


In this race Valentino Rossi, the other driver in the Yamaha team continued to show his main problem: lack of quickness in qualifies. In fact, despite his huge talent, he often obtained disappointing results in qualifying sessions. This problem is seriously damaging his possibilities to win the World Championship. Consequently the Italian driver “started the race from the third row of the grid. He managed to claim two places on the first lap, then quickly climbed to fourth before he was given a podium position following Marquez’ crash. By the fourth lap, he overtook the Ducati of Andrea Dovizioso and began the hunt for Lorenzo”[1]. Moreover Valentino said “I hoped to catch Lorenzo, unfortunately starting from the third row I lost a second in the first laps”[2]. At the moment Lorenzo is 1st in the MotoGP standing and is one point ahead of Rossi. The defending champion Marquez is only 5th. The Ducati team had a strong improvements compared to recent seasons. In fact his two drivers Iannone and Dovizioso are 3rd and 4th.


The two Yamaha drivers have imposed a total domination in this season. In fact their superiority is so strong that they are protagonist of “a two-horse race”[3]. Their rivalry inside the same team remembers what is actually happening in Formula One. In fact in this category Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, the two drivers in the Mercedes team, are contending every single race and the World Championship. Some racing experts suppose that Rossi is disadvantaged for another reason: age and lower physical form. Mr. Rossi is 36 years old and doesn’t have the same physical conditions of some years ago. In fact, according to Allsportnews “Fitness in MotoGP is absolutely key. If a rider is not at 100% or is injured in anyway, shape or form, they can near enough kiss challenging for race victories goodbye”[4].


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