Creative Commons Image Courtesy of cvrcak1 on Flickr

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of cvrcak1 on Flickr
Creative Commons Image Courtesy of cvrcak1 on Flickr

By Bruno Martino

The Yemen Al-Qaida leader was killed by a drone attack. His name was Nasir Al-Wuhayshi and was wanted by the US government for a long time. The confirmation of his death was released by a video made by the notorious terrorist organization in the Arabian Peninsula. This Yemeni group had a key position inside the complex world of Middle East extremist and jihadist forces. According to The Guardian “ three suspected al-Qaida members were killed on 9 June in an apparent US drone strike in Mukalla, a south-eastern port city in Yemen”[1].


After his death, Al-Qaida appointed as his successor Abu Hurayra. Wuhayshi was a closed friend of Osama Bin Laden and accompanied him inside the Afghan caves in 2001.He was arrested in 2009 by Yemeni authorities and was able to escape from prison in 2009. He was considered the successor of Ayman al Zawahri, another closed ally of Bin Laden. At the same time another US air strike killed another relevant leader in Al-Qaida called Mokhtar Belmokhtar. According to Il Sole 24 Ore “the Al-Qaida leader was caught by the American bombings when he was attending a meeting with his loyalists and other six people were killed”[2]. There aren’t official releases by the Pentagon and more detailed news should be released in the next days. Before this event, the American government was involved in his last air strike in Libya in 2011.


Wuhayshi had a strong role in the strengthening of Al-Qaida in Yemen. According to Yahoo News “the killing of Al Wuhayshi, who was the second-highest ranked al Qaeda leader globally, is the biggest blow to the global militant network since the killing of Osama bin Laden”[3]. The Yemeni branch of this terrorist group planned many failed attacks against United States. For example it attempted to “blow up a commercial airliner in 2009”[4] and claimed “responsibility for the deadly attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January in which 12 people were killed”[5]. The American FBI also said that the Yemeni Al-Qaida is a lethal terrorist group and represents a threat against the official Yemeni government. In fact, some local citizens and local officials were killed by violent attacks planned by Al Wuhayshi.




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