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Majority of AirAsia Passengers Had One Chilling Thing In Common

When families heard that AirAsia flight QZ8501 was missing without a trace, they feared the worst. Devastating news broke of the debris from a downed plane and seven recovered bodies in the Java Sea, confirming that 162 passengers were lost, not one surviving.

Majority of AirAsia Passengers Had One Chilling Thing In Common - News BarberHowever, an eerie revelation about over a quarter of the passengers aboard puts the tragedy in a different light.

Associated Press reports that more than one-fourth of the passengers were from the same Christian church:

Majority of AirAsia Passengers Had One Chilling Thing In Common - News Barber
Families and loved ones gathered at Mawar Sharon Church to mourn the loss of AirAsia flight Qz8501 passengers.

Also Sunday, emotionally exhausted family members sang and cried at a tiny chapel in Surabaya, the city where Flight 8501 departed from Dec. 28. The Rev. Philip Mantofa, who heads the congregation at Mawar Sharon Church — where more than a quarter of the victims were members — urged those gathered to find comfort in their faith.

“If God has called your child, allow me to say this: Your child is not to be pitied,” Mantofa said, locking eyes with a grieving father seated in the front row. “Your child is already in God’s arms. One day, your family will be reunited in heaven.”


Majority of AirAsia Passengers Had One Chilling Thing In Common - News Barber
Rev. Philip Mantofa comforted families of the AirAsia flight QZ8501 victims.

Around 100 family members of the victims gathered at the church to console one another and hear the uplifting message, according to CBS News.

Perhaps the most chilling detail of the doomed flight comes from a mysterious post 13 days earlier on a Chinese forum, which predicted that a plane from the Airline would crash:

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International Black Hand and the Malaysia Airlines MH370 Malaysia Airlines MH17 after the hijacking and shot down, as the world’s sixth-largest airline Ma Hangji this collapse, in a lethargic state now, the big black hand again targeted in AirAsia, as always, you must destroy the AirAsia as part of Malaysia’s AirAsia also in view of the Black Hand forces too powerful, too vicious heart, suggested that the Chinese passenger travel, away from AirAsia, do not become a victim of another MH370

The poster alleges that the “International Black Hand” is responsible for the plane’s crash, although it is unknown what the organization or person really is.

The disturbing social media post prompts one to wonder if the plane’s fatal crash was an incredible coincidence or something more sinister. If there was a hand to play in the crash, did having a large number of Christians aboard, particularly from the same church, make the airliner a specific target?

While the tragedy was most likely caused by human error and uncontrollable circumstance, the startling details prompt speculation of the most conspiring kind.

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